Today is so not my day and it is not even 9am!!! In an attempt to empty his water bottle, Gid poured water all over the cabinet creating a nice lake in the kitchen; he forgot his lunch box, turned everything he touched into a sword going around the house making swishing noises. Emme was determined to finish a book making any task 6xs slower than necessary...while the clock is doing triple time making the minutes fly by until we are late. We make it to school to find the tiny street full of cars and the huge school bus attempting to park...blocking traffic going in both directions for what felt like 10 minutes. By this time...I totally lost it!!! So my apologies to all the sweet people who saw my melt down!!! I am now headed out for some retail, food and friend therapy. Praying that by 3:15 I will be ready to apologize to the sweet bus driver and teach my son some ways to be organized.


The day took a turn for the better. I accomplished all my shopping goals, had a fun lunch with Maria Krylova and an amazing "boost" shake {My new fave!}, received tulips from Ruth Frans and gave a candy bar to the bus driver who I yelled at this morning, promised I would be more patient tomorrow and gave him a hug!!!

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