I Am Going To Live!!!

For 3 days, my throat has been on fire.  Sunday I considered just going ahead and dying.  My sweet Russian friend told me that being buried is to expensive and I should try to sell my body to a museum or a university to save Keith the funeral costs!  Today, I went to the doctor.  I dried my hair, which I almost never do any more, so wet hair would not be to blame.  I wrapped a scarf around my neck, put on a coat, hat and gloves…so dressing improperly would not contribute to further illness.  In 32 minutes, I was registered, poked, prodded, analyzed, consulted, prescribed, scheduled a follow-up, paid, purchased a list of medicines, bought a milk shake and was safely home rejoicing that I could remove “sell body to museum/university” from my to do list!  I love that there is almost never a wait at my neighborhood, private clinic; they do not humiliate you by making you stand on a scale; and do not ask you to fill out lengthy medical history forms or ask you to repeat your symptoms to 14 people before actually seeing the doctor.  I did have to chuckle when part of the prescription included forbidding showering, bathing, washing my hair {gross and so not going to happen} or exercise {which I translated to mean going to the grocery store, cooking or cleaning} until my Friday follow-up appointment.  I also loved the fact that the lady that should have been waiting behind me loved me so much, she preferred to stand right next to me at the window…so close she was touching me!!!  You gotta love Russia!!!

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