Rejoice Always…

November is the month of THANKSGIVING!!!  The Bible does say to rejoice always…which is easy to do when the sun is shining, the birds are singing and your emotions are in check!!!  I have so many things to be thankful for, but I occasionally need to be remind what they are!!!  

I am not a big fan of unwelcomed change…who is!!!  Through a recent challenge, God has taught me so many things!!!  At this time I will not detail all my new knowledge, so I am not held accountable to obedience…just yet!!!  I will say that my new motto has become, “A small step is still a step!!!” 

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to commit to finding joy in something that I do not particularly enjoy...not having my own car.  I love driving…the freedom…the ease…music blaring…independence…minimal exertion of energy…transporting heavy items…storing unnecessary items.  Sooo…when I am without the car, I usually find it difficult to rejoice.

The past few days I have been on a journey to “embrace public transportation”…WITH JOY!!!  I am happy to declare my mission accomplished!!! 

God showed me so many things to be thankful for…

The amazing system of public transportation…I can get across Saint Petersburg by Metro in about an hour....sometimes it takes us more than 60 minutes to get off our island when traffic is bad!

The people...loads and loads of people!!!

The occasional eye contact, smile or connection.


No parking…finding a parking spot is usually a challenge and I have yet to master squeezing the car into a tight space.

No tickets or towing…there is no worry of being stopped by the police, having to pay a fine or having to wade through a muddy impound lot to retrieve the towed machine.

Shopping…when you are walking, it is so easy to pop into a cute little shop, stop at a kiosk for a treat or grab dinner on your way home.

Exercise…today alone I walked for more than 80 minutes!!!

Time together…it has been fun having extra time with Keith and the kids to chat, list all we are thankful for, pray, laugh, tell jokes, secrets and make plans.

New discoveries…a new Burger King opening in our neighborhood, a fun new shop to investigate, a new park to explore.


Help from others…lots of people offered us rides which lead to some fun, unexpected conversation and connections.

Giving help…we were able to help people on their journeys…a lady cross the street, a person with change, another with directions.


Less stress on time…there was no worry about “traffic” when traveling by Metro so you are rarely late.


Sooo many more picture opportunities!!!

The journey…one of the biggest lessons I learned and joys I discovered was the journey itself.  In the car, you are usually alone, your destination is typed into the GPS and you are focused on the road, traffic and not hitting anyone.  While traveling on transportation, I focused on the journey…and learned to enjoy it!!!

I am so thankful for learning to embrace my struggle, loved seeing God at work through this challenge and am now ready to learn to embrace something else!!!  Wonder what it will be?!?!

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Kara Coe said...

Beautifully written and lived!