Airport Adventures Round 2…

DFW Adventure #2...hopefully more successful than #1!!!


We are in Atlanta...progress is being made!!! We purchase a day Internet pass to keep us connect and entertained!!! We are already tired and still have more hours and time zones that I can count...something like 40 more hours until we are home or at least in Russia!!! ATL is pretty fun!!! The Coke machine alone is solo impressive and offers more than 100 drink options!!! I am making regular rounds to the Body Shop lathering up my totally dry skin!!! Planning a visit to Einstein Brothers Bagels, maybe getting a Five Guys Burgers or La Madeleine with our 7 hours remaining in ATL!!!


5 Guys was amazing...enjoyed every greasy bite!!! Emme and I have explored all 6 terminals, rode the assistance cart for fun, tried on every neck pillow we found, played with all the toys in Brookstone...including the awesome sand, gave each other "massages" at Express Spa, added several new drinks to our list from the 100+ options, raced up the escalator...and down, dance in an empty express train and we still have 2 hours until we board...First Class to London!!!


Good Bye ATL…hello LHT!!!

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