Good-Bye America…Hello Russia!!!

9:30 At DFW hoping for a great day...so far only delayed one hour.


11:00 Due to lack of staff we may need to rebook you on a different flight is not a good way to start your journey home!!!


12:00 Still waiting to see if we can locate a flight attendant before rebooking...not that there are any available flights out anyways!


1:30 Plane-check. Pilots-check. 1 Stewardess-check. Missing 1 steward. Ironic-stewardess from a different airline is flying on this plane!!! Still have a bit of time before we miss our JFK connection.


Thankful for modern technology {fun phones, tablets, Wi-Fi} and fast food {Aunt Annie's Pretzels, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks}! At least we will feel connected, entertained and full!!!


"I'll be home for {Russian} Christmas {December 7th}...may only be in my dreams!" OK...super bored!!!  Been in line for hours a ticket agent has been working for 30 minutes and we still do not have a solution for our canceled flight!!!


7:30 Rebooked: Departing Wednesday to Atlanta...Atlanta to London in First Class!!!....London to Paris with a free overnight and hotel in Paris!!!...arrive in Saint Pete on the 10th!!!


After 11 hours in DFW, 5 hours waiting for a flight attendant, 3 hours in line to rebook our canceled flight, 50 minutes with a ticket agent searching for new flights and lugging 250 pounds of stuff to the airport and back...I am still thankful!!!
In addition to got an upgrade from Aeroflot Economy to Delta First Class on our transcontinental flight, a free hotel and night in Paris, more than $320 in food vouchers...we get to spend 2 more days with Grandma, have a whole day to rest, relax, eat and explore {AKA shop for boots}!!!
The kids did amazing during our 11hour adventure thanks to our new friend, Jordan Brunet, who was also stuck at the airport. Emme detailed her life story and demonstrated every gymnastic move she knows!!! I am so thankful for Jordan!!!
The amazing, positive and determined Delta ticket agent who...even though his negative co-worker said, "4 people to Saint Pete...that is impossible!!!"...worked until he found us a way home!!!
I never lost it...but did tell the grumpy agent to "Please stop talking!!!" and maybe said to another traveler that, "The line of 20 people was actually a line and he should go to the end of it!" In my defense I had finally made it to the front of the line after waiting 3 hours!!!
All the fun people we connected with during our airport adventure.
Gid and Emme both said, "God turned a bad day into a good one!" Emme, "because we get to spend more time with Grandma and get to fly First Class!!!" Gid, "because we get to miss 2 days of school!!!"
We are in Grandma's cozy warm beds and not in an airport hotel or freezing in the airport trying to sleep in a chair or on the floor with the 100s of other stranded travelers.
Here's to hoping we do not look like the Beverly Hillbilly's in First Class!!!

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