School Projects…


School can be tough.  Gid has Auditory Processing Disorder so school can be really tough.  Organizing his thoughts, remembering things and following steps are tough for him.  Organizing his thoughts, remembering a process, demonstrating the process in front of a class full of peers while your teacher is grading you…is super tough!!!  Last night, Gid was so nervous his heart was racing and he felt sick.  He woke-up today pale and dizzy.  During his presentation, he was so nervous and came home and cried, feeling like he had done a horrible job!

I think it may have been just as hard for me.  To watch your kid struggle is heart breaking!!!

Please pray for Gid.  As he gets older, school gets tougher.  Pray he would love school, find ways to be successful and stop worrying, and that his teachers would have wisdom to know when to push or to give grace and how to challenge him to reach his potential.

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