Bug Bite!!!

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06/30/14  The benefits of having to go to the ER {while on vacation}...you get alone time, you can catch up on magazines for free, make new friends. Got bit by something a week ago. Today it is throbbing, swollen and red. Keith wanted to lance it and coat it with hand sanitizer...I opted for a professional approach!


A brown recluse has left a lasting impression! I am on 2 different antibiotics and codeine! An abscess is under the muscle and will need to be monitored. If the antibiotics do not work, I will need surgery. Thankfully, I feel OK...other than localized pain. We are having a great time in Virginia and still have 2 days of fun planned. Please pray I would heal quickly and family fun can continue!


07/01/14 ER Round #2. Feel like the spider is getting the best of me! Watched a YouTube video on spider bite lancing...so dumb of me! Pray I will be seen quickly...there are no magazine, only sports on TV, no cell service and I am scared!



In the hotel watching Steele Magnolias {and crying...it is such a great movie!} while Keith is on life guard and referee duty! Praying the pain will go away and all the medicine would stop making my stomach hurt! Thanks everyone for your prayers! I appreciate them!


Gid has no future in the medical field. I was changing my bandage and Gid said, "Gross! Cover it up before I throw up!"


Let the healing begin!

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