Easy Does Not Always Mean Easy!!!

Gid and Emme were talking about what they miss and corn dogs made the list.  That same day, I came across an “Easy Homemade Corn Dogs” recipe and in a moment of pure insanity…I was inspired.  I mixed the batter, pierced the dogs, burnt my finger in the hot grease, cold water from my burnt finger dripped into the hot grease creating an explosion of grease, impulsively jerked the pan from the stove and sloshed hot grease on the stove…on the counter, down the cabinets…on the floor…I can safely say grease now covered the kitchen.  My corn dog mix was not sticking….so I added flour…without measuring…resulting in an even bigger mess.  I do not know if it was pity from my tears or a miracle, but the kids loved my “easy” homemade corn dogs!!!


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