So Proud!!!

Emme is determined.  A few weeks ago, she wanted to do a cartwheel…check.  Then a handstand…check.  Then a standing back bend…check.  She has spent hours on her hands.  She has wanted to take gymnastics lessons, but has never been willing to go to an all Russian class alone…then her desire to learn more finally out weighed her fear.  Her daily pray became that she would be able to take a gymnastics class.  I found an acrobatic/trampoline gym just a few blocks from our house with drop in lessons every day for only $5.25 {Yeah Russia!!!}!!!  Today, we went and even though she was pretty scared…she did it!!!  There was a group of 10 from age 6 to 10, for 90 intense minutes ran, stretched, flipped, jumped, spun and twirled.  I am so proud of her.  I am proud of her commitment to achieve her goal…her willingness to overcome her fear…and her shear determination!!! 


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