What started out as a “great day” quickly ended in a frustrating, exhausting mess!!!  I got lost...really lost...for the first time ever in Russia. My phone died and it took me 3 1/2 hours to go a distance that I have driven in 10 minutes. Traffic was horrible, got on a bus that could have been used for a city tour bus that took me through the most indirect route through the worst traffic ever. Passengers were arguing with the conductor as to their rights to exit the bus when the bus was stopped in traffic, but not at a bus stop. The bus route ended a street away from the far back corner of my building...which I totally did not recognize or have a clue where I was. I only realized I missed my stop when the bus circled around crossed back over the same bridge and reentered the horrible traffic. After 2 more buses and having no real clue where I was...I finally found my apartment. When I got home...I burst in to tears!!!

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