Good-Bye Hecocks!!!

So thankful for jet lag!!! I wanted to spend every last second with Iris Hecock, but was nervous about leaving the kiddos home alone. I reviewed safety, emergency procedures, life saving skills, the fact that 911 is 03 in Russia and told the kids that they could stay up as late as they wanted and I went to bed. I got up, wrote a note of how much I loved them, reminded them to be kind and wise and left them food. I had a great morning with Iris and her family, drove to the airport...on my way home realized I have no clue what my home phone number is, worried I would return to some sort of emergency vehicle...arrived home 4 hours later to find the kids still sleeping!!! Rejoicing that everyone is still breathing!!! I am now curled up in bed planning to binge watch movies, eat large amounts of chocolate and thank God for a life full of blessings!!!


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