An Airport Angel!!!

I am amazed at what an awesome God we serve!!! The Bible clearly says "do not worry" so why do I? Our flights were completely stress free!!! For 9 bags of OVERWEIGHT luggage (well over $400) we paid $4 due to a computer glitch!!! The last leg of our flight, when I thought there was no way we could carry our 4 carry-ons, 3 backpacks, purse, camera bag and Emme's collection of stuffed animals down the stairs, on the bus, up the stairs, down the tiny crowded isle and then hoisted into the overhead bin...the stewards asked to check them all for free!!! And if this isn't all enough...we got all of our luggage and so far the only thing that is broke was the frame that I dropped taking it out of the suitcase!!! What an awesome God we serve!!!

IMG_6355 IMG_6352


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!! So glad you are in St. Petersburg and that everything with the luggage went so great!!!! Waiting to hear how the apartment and new friends are......but get some sleep first. Praying for you and missing you! Love, Anne Abernethy

Leslie D. said...

Glad to hear your move went so well!

Zaida said...

So, so glad you all made it safe! Yes, God is so good. We've been praying for you guys and my prayer is that we will join you.