A Visit to the Eye Doctor…


To return to Russia, all 4 of us had to have physicals.  During Emme’s evaluation, our Family Physician had concerns about her vision.  Since moving to Russia, Emme has complained of vision problems.  Today, we had an evaluation at one of the best Clinics in St. Pete with a Russian Optometrist.  She did a through evaluation and determined that Emme was –1.0 in one eye and –0.5 in the other.  Our concern was with her plan of treatment.  She wants us to dilate Emme’s eyes every night for 2-3 weeks and then return to see if her eyes had improved or if she needs glasses.  She also suggested 10 sessions of Laser Therapy…whatever that is?!?!


I am so thankful for Facebook!  I was confused and frustrated after her appointment.  I hate to directly question a physician's plan of treatment, but was concerned about using mydriacyl drops for 14 days (which I can purchase at any pharmacy without a prescription!!!)  and could find nothing on the Internet that suggested it be used for this purpose~”to relax her eye muscles” and possibly correct her vision.  I was so thankful for all the comments that affirmed my concern and even a comment from the wife of an Eye Doctor!!!  We have decided to wait on glasses at this time and have her reevaluated sometime in the future.


We did have a yummy lunch at a fabulous blini cafe and found a cute bath store from England called Lush!

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