Our First Package!!!!

I love mail…any kind of mail…even in the form of junk!!!  To open the mailbox and find something waiting for me brings joy to my day!!!  But to open the mailbox and find a slip that says we have something that is so big it would not even fit into our mailbox…that makes my heart soar!!!


Even though we left the states later than our original date of departure, it was sooner than we had anticipated after several delays and several packages that we had ordered arrived the day we left.  Although we had 4 pieces for free luggage, 5 pieces of excess luggage and 8 completely overweight carry-ons, I still had a few things that I wanted, but could not manage to squeeze in!


We received our first package from Granny today!!!  I honestly do not know what we would do without Granny!!!  In the 7 years of living overseas, Granny has sent us almost 100 packages!!!  We love you Granny…not because of all of the packages or all of the sacrifices you make for us or all the work you do for us…we love you just because your you!!!  THANKS!!!


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