This Week…

On Saturday, we were packing and preparing to spend a week at an orphanage 4 hours away.  Sunday evening we were unpacking…due to a schedule conflict at the orphanage, the number of kids had went from 60 to 16, so we were no longer needed.  Even though I was ready to go and looking forward to the adventure and fabulous opportunity, I was a bit relieved to get to stay in my comfy home surrounded by my favs…I am totally spoiled!!!

With our free week…we celebrated!!!  We meet several new families, made new friends, went on several adventures and lots of playdates.

DSC00008 DSC00010 DSC00013 DSC00016 DSC00022

We also did a few projects…


I found cork boards and covered them with our favorite people and memories…I love pictures, but being able to see our friends and family every day makes me miss you all that much more!!! :-(

IMG_6944 IMG_6952 IMG_6954 IMG_6957

We also celebrated our month month anniversary in Saint Pete with pizza and school supply shopping!!!  The kids loved getting to fill the basket with school things, writing their name on everything and organizing their backpacks!!!


And I made one huge mistake…I made chocolate chip cookies that were sooo yummy…I have eaten at least a dozen!!!

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