An Adventure…

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Keith and I dropped the kids off at school and began our adventure to Mega Mall.  It was our first big adventure through the streets of Saint Petersburg without a chaperone. :-)  From our house to Mega on public transportation would take about an hour and would include a 10 minute walk, 5 stops on the Metro, and a bus ride that drops you off at the door of IKEA about an hour later.  It took us approximately 90 minutes to find Mega, but close to 2 1/2 hours to return home.  We knew the way home, only made one minor detour, but traffic is simply HORRIBLE!!!  I did love getting coffee at a Quick Shop…this is a new concept in Russia and seeing so many fun things in the city…including this balloon covered car!!!  We left Mega with what we assumed was enough time to return home, have lunch and be on time to pick up the kiddos…we were so wrong!!!  I could not believe that on the 3 day of school…we had to ask friends to pick-up the kids!!!

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