Complete Cake Crisis…

After an already long day, I came home to make cupcakes for Gid’s class party and a sheet cake for the party on Saturday.  I researched recipes and found a highly rated white cake mix called Simple White Cake.  I did notice that it was for a 9x9 pan and I needed a 8x11 cake and lots of cupcakes…so I quadrupled it!  Even after 2 trips to the grocery store, I still had to ask Keith to get more eggs.  I measured (which in itself is an entire math lesson requiring me to Google equivalents!), mixed, poured and Emme helped by “cleaning” the bowl!


I am not sure where I erred, but I obviously did!!!


Even though the cake tasted OK, it was so moist that the cupcakes crumbled and the cake turned to goo…and yes I tested it and even cooked it for way longer than the recipe suggested.  It was now close to 11PM…I was tired, emotional, had only one egg remaining, it was pouring outside and I had no idea what to do.  Birthdays=Cake…I may have not been successful at creating a masterpiece and more often that not my attempt at decorating failed horribly and resulted in me vowing to never attempt more than sprinkles on a cake…but I never not had a cake!  At a complete loss, I made my Facebook post, “Wish I still lived across the street from Wal-Mart!!!  Having a cake crisis!!!”  Within 5 minutes our dear friends that had already rescued our kids from school earlier today offered to bring us 2 cake mixes and eggs!!!


Crisis adverted…again!!!  At 11:30PM I received 2 box cakes, eggs and began Take 2 of the Birthday cake fiasco…which end at approximately 1:27AM!!!  I think I will be able to salvage my mess with a million cake bon-bons!!!

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