God Is Faithful!


I am a worrier.  I worry about my family, their safety, their happiness, their health.  I try not to worry and often rename concern…since the Bible does not say “Don’t be concerned about anything, but pray about everything!”

I really worry about Gideon.  How is he doing academically?  Is he having a good day?  Did he have fun during recess?  Recess has not been a highlight for him.  Yesterday, he reported that his class voted to have an additional recess for a special reward and said, “I wanted to cry!”

All night I worried about the extra recess.  Should I rescue him and take him some where special for lunch or just let him struggle through it on his own?  I prayed, but have such a hard time trusting the Lord with things that I can fix (or mess-up) on my own. :-)

I canceled sushi with a friend to join Gideon at recess.  Gideon had such a great time playing that he hardly knew I was there!!!

Lesson learned…again:  God is faithful and can be trusted…so live like it!!!

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