Finland: Day 2

One benefit to living in Saint Pete is its close proximity to so many fun places.  For Spring Break, we decided to take the kids to Finland.  We were able to stay in the home of Finnish missionaries that are currently serving in another country.  We made our temporary residence in a great 4 bedroom apartment just outside of Helsinki.  We spent lost of time relaxing, reading, watching “Knight Rider” and playing with all the “new friends” (AKA stuffed animals) Emme made.


Today, we explored the Helsinki Aquarium and saw tiger fish, enormous crabs, the cycle of water and even how much water it takes to flush your potty!!!


It was a fun, educational adventure that ended with delicious pizza and pasta in the tiniest pizzeria with only 5 tables.  We were able to watch the Chef, who was also the waiter and cashier, make the dough and pizzas.  Emme and Gideon prefer traditional plain pepperoni pizza, but I loved it!!!

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