Finland: Day 3

Our totally relaxing days continue with one mission.  It was not to explore the fabulous historical sights, amazing cathedrals or even purchase fun memorabilia.  It was simply to find Diet Dr. Pepper.  After 6 Grocery Stores and 5 Gas Stations, we decided to go to Stockmanns.


Emme found a new friend. Gideon looked for over 2 hours at Legos, games and every other imaginable possibility, but could not find the perfect toy and decided to wait.  Our cup collection and refrigerator magnets were added to.  We found corn tortillas, new cereals, yummy bread, fabulous lunch meat, delicious cookies, a huge selection of chocolates, Cherry Coke, Coke Zero, 5 flavors of Fanta…including Messio Mix~a fun blend of Fanta and Coke, and regular Dr. Pepper, but no Diet Dr. Pepper.


Gideon and Keith navigated us through the streets of Helsinki.


Santa Fe and Texas Outback were rejected for Thai food at Mai Thai.


Our day concluded on a sweet note with Ben & Jerry!!!


We had a great day explore Helsinki, but our mission of locating Diet Dr. Pepper was sadly unsuccessful!!!

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