Istanbul Adventures: Day 4

We have toured Mosques, Churches, Museums, Cisterns, shopped, bartered, bought (a cat that Emme had to rescue only to find out it had a chip on its ear!!!), ferried, swam, rode a carriage, played in a fountain, been cut, waxed, steamed, scrubbed, rubbed, buffed, been completely humiliated and have eaten until I may explode!!!  So what are we doing for our last few hours in Istanbul…Emme is watching Turkish Cartoons, Gideon is playing his DSi, Keith is taking a nap and I am on the computer!!!


We had lunch, Turkish Tea and said good-bye to the Basileus Hotel this afternoon!!!


We traveled 90 minutes outside of Istanbul to a gorgeous hotel on the “beach”…there is a little bit of sand, but for the most part the Beach is a cement slab and a pier, but the view is amazing!!!



The kids went straight from the Lobby to the pool (our room was not ready yet) and swam until dinner time!!!


On the most boring day when we slept until 9, don’t eat breakfast until 10 and don’t leave the hotel until after 12…I still manage to take over 50 pictures!!!

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