A Turkish Bath House

Keith and I really like the Sauna and Russian Banya, so of course experiencing a Hamam, a Turkish Bath, was on our must do list.  I did a little research and found a Family Bath House that catered to tourists, had free transportation and the entire family could share the experience together for 82TL per person.  Upon arriving, our Hotel recommended a Bath House only minutes away that is used by locals and was only 40TL and children could have the experience free!


We were greeted by two men covered only by a towel.  They were very friendly, but no one spoke English.  Emme and I were escorted to the female area, directed to an open changing room and observed by our hostess while we changed.  Did mention that she was only wearing pink granny panties?!?  We tried to be modest while undress attempting to cover up with our towels…which was completely in vain, since arriving in the steam room the lady removed our towel and told us to sit on the ceramic floor and began dumping water on us.  We achieved maximum embarrassment when we discovered that we were not alone!!!  Two other girls where in the room with us.  They were Americans on their last night of a study abroad and of course were gorgeous…making me all the more embarrassed of my mommy body!!!  Our hostess pointed at me and then to the table, got a rag that felt like steel wool and began scrubbing way!!!  After my scrub, I was doused with hot water and lathered in suds…all the while Emme was trying to help the “pink granny panty lady” and the gorgeous college students were giggling in the corner.  During the suds massage I tried to forget about my level of complete humiliation, but relaxing was virtually impossible.  After being doused with water again, she suggested I lay on the ceramic slab and take a nap!!!  Fortunately, Emme had reached her Turkish Bath limit and we left for our changing room.  We returned to the main lobby to find this…


Keith and Gid were hanging out with the other towel covered men chatting over bottles of water!!!


After being scrubbed, buffed, rubbed and rinsed we were ready to go!!!  Let’s just say…this was an experience that we won’t soon forget!!!

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granny said...

You all look very clean.