Mission: Joy!

Tears streamed down my face as I entered McDonalds just as the breakfast sign disappeared, replaced with lunch. It was 10:00 and 3 seconds. "I am sorry Ma’am, I can not serve you breakfast. No, no matter how much you want a Sausage Egg McMuffin. No, no matter how much you are willing to pay. No, not even if you are crying!" Consoling myself with a warm chocolate croissant and latte at Буше.


Searching for joy! I can exaggerate and joke about the totally insignificant injustices I am faced with when I am to late for a McMuffin and must "settle" for a fabulous croissant and latte, or the tragic morning with my son sits in a seat soaked in pee on our journey to school, or when I must wait 12 months to walk the isles of Target or treat myself to a Sonic drink, or simply when I must take the stairs when the elevator is not working, or I must use my fancy, fun phone's 3G when our Internet is out. But, the reality is...life is full of truly serious tragedies. Today, tears streamed down my friend’s face as she shared about a missionary family who in minutes lost a father, grandfather, the mother is fighting for her life, while sparing the grandmother who stayed at home caring for her grand-baby. Friends are dealing with serious, life threatening illnesses…others are starving, dealing with human trafficking, abuse, neglect, war.  No matter what injustice I experience today, how major it may feel, how minor it truly is...I want to count it all joy!!!

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