A Concert at a Nursing Home…

What a fun, meaningful day with amazing people!  Emme’s class preformed at a special elderly home for residents with no living relatives.  They enjoyed the kids so much, they did an impromptu encore that turned into a modern day sing-off!!! 


I loved getting to meet all of the people…especially Vladimir {the guy in the black stripped shirt}.  He is in his twenties, has no family and lives at the elderly home.  He spoke great English and was late to the concert, because there was no one to help him into his wheelchair.  When we were leaving, I said good-bye and that I hoped I would see him again.  He looked surprised and asked, “Would you really come again and speak English with me?”  Please pray for Vladimir.  He is such a bright, kind, young guy, who is trapped waiting for help…or a visitor.


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