Happy Birthday Emme!!!

This year, I some how managed to avoid the whole Birthday party with a theme, decorations, games, food, cupcakes and the crazy stress and loads of work it requires!!!  With all my extra time and energy, I wrote Emme a song!!!  Eight is great, but nine shines and is sooo fine!!! OK...I am so not a poet, song writer or really even clever or funny!!!  And prayed…Emme, I love you and pray you move to the head of the line as nine or at least don't get caught in a vine or stuck in a mine!!!  She actually was impressed!!! 


I love that I am not a single parent!!!  This morning, I really wanted Emme to have a special breakfast this morning, but not enough to crawl out from under the covers!!!  I was so thankful when I smelled cinnamon rolls and heard Keith serenading Emme this morning!!!


Since we did no party planning, we got permission to bring the class ice cream and take them to the park to play during school!!!


After school, we went to a Horse Show…


Then to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch…


And some pampering at a salon.  For Gid, it seemed more like torture!


He was so irritated that he had to get his haircut, he refused the further torture of a photo!


I think we may begin a new family tradition boycotting theme parties!!!  Happy Birthday Emme!!!

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