We are not an athletic family.  Our adventurous usually include coffee, relaxing and minimal amounts of walking.  After 150 minutes of watching soccer in the hot sun, I was tired.  Emme was exhausted.  We grabbed dinner and then went to our monthly Game Night.  Gid, Emme and a friend were playing outside and Emme accidentally fell {Gid’s perspective}…Gid deliberately shoved Emme into a huge pile of dirt and broken glass and was happy about it {Emme’s perspective}.  Either way…Emme has a gash on her knee, scraps on both and went to bed totally worn out.  My adventurous, outgoing, on-the-go girl asked to stay home today, missing an opportunity to go to the Medieval Fair.  Loving any reason to be at home, but bummed to be missing out!!!  Sent Keith and Gid off with a camera!!!

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