There Is Nothing Good About Byes!!!

I just realized that if I was to redo this picture next year, Emme would be standing alone!!! The absolute worst part of missionary life is saying good-bye.

It is super hard to tell your family good-bye, but you know you will see them again and lots over the years {unless something horrible happens, but you seriously can not go there!}.

Saying good-bye to those who have become {like} family during the dark days, holidays, celebrations...those you see each morning and afternoon at school, you have coffee with, play dates, carpools...those who daily cheer you on, cheer you up, encourage you, love you, hold you accountable and go the extra mile for you...when you say good-bye to those, you comfort yourself by saying, "Oh we will see you again soon!" but down deep you know that may not be true.

In 5 days, we must say good-bye to two families who have become family to my family...and let me just say...I can't think of anything that is good in that bye!!!


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