It Looks Like McDonalds, But Doesn’t Act Like It!!!

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To celebrate the return of Keith and our possessions, we went to Mc Donald’s.  We ordered, found a spot and was enjoying lunch, until Gid ran out of dipping sauce.  They do not have Ranch here, so he chose mayo.  In my motherly attempt to not ruin the fun, I volunteered to go get more sauce.  Keith reminded me that sauce in Russia is not free.  So, I grabbed $0.50 worth of rubles and returned to the counter.  The line was almost out the door and 5 cashiers deep, so I just went to the end of the counter and in my nicest voice, with my biggest smile, I asked if I could get more sauce.  The girl, minus the smile, eye contact and any form of customer courtesy, told me to go to the end of the line.  My original cashier spotted me in line and asked what I needed.  I told him that I needed sauce.  He said, “Here you go!”  The other girl started screaming at him, I grabbed the sauce, gave her a huge smile and returned to my family celebration with free sauce…not that it mattered since Gid had already finished his nuggets!!!  After I finished fuming, ranting and search for Ronald McD’s personal number…I laughed and reminded myself how thankful we are to be here!!!


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The Herd said...

Not that you want to be like us, but we always did this before going to McD's!!
Bring your own sauce(ketchup in a bottle)
Bring your own drink---juice or water....
Tacky in America, I know, but we did it in St. Pete---especially if we went to the IKEA Mall!!!
Good times!!
I asked John if we would have to continue doing this in the states to "save" money and he nicely reminded me---haha-=-Ketchup and water are FREE, remember!!!